The middle finger has been extended in every sport around the world and was first captured on film in 1886 being flipped by a baseball player.

Sports Fingers

Digitus impudicus starts in ancient Greece and starts flipping around the world. The first known photograph of someone flipping the bird comes from American sports. It began at least as far back as 1886 by workhorse pitcher Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn. The use in sporting is a strong tradition.
Dolphins running backs Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in August 1972. Csonka is seated on his helmet under a goal post with a middle finger extended on his sock above the ankle
In 1995, Jack McDowell won 15 games for the Yankees, but none of that matters. What people remember is the time he was getting booed at Yankee Stadium and flipped off Yankee fans. — and the tabloids dubbed him “The Yankee Flipper.”
Mike Ditka
As he walked off the field on a gameday while he was the Bears coach, Ditka casually gives the perfect finger to a cameraman, who was ready for the shot.
Rex Ryan on a Saturday night in January 2010 at a mixed martial arts event in Miami, as the Jets coach mixed it up with local Dolphins fans by announcing to the house he'd be back to beat Miami twice next season”
Titans owner Bud Adams capped his team’s 41-17 win over the Bills by shooting a couple of middle fingers in the direction of the Buffalo sideline on September 16, 2009 The National Football League fined Adams $250,000 for "conduct detrimental to the league"
Sjinkie Knegt (R) of the Netherlands' team gestures next to Victor An (L) of the team of Russia celebrating after Russia won the men's 5000m relay final race of the ISU European Short Track speed skating Championships in Dresden, eastern Germany, on January 19, 2014
Eli Manning gives middle finger to national audience during 'Monday Night Football" on September 27, 2021
“You go to Philly, and you’re getting a double bird from a 9-year-old child,” he said, holding his middle finger in both hands. “I’ll give the bird – I don’t know. Can we do it? I’m sure we can blur it, right?'
In the fourth quarter of Seatle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals Earl Thomas dove over Cardinals receiver Chad Williams in the end zone. Earl Thomas came up limping and was on the field in pain as Seattle’s medical staff wrapped the limb in an air cast and carted him off the field. As the cart goes in front of the Cardinal bench he gives The Finger to his own team on September 30, 2018.

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